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Grinding your teeth while you sleep, biting your nail, nibbling on desktop items, or using your teeth to open packaging can potentially fracture one of your teeth. When this happens the severity of the damage can vary. The level of distress to the tooth and the tooth enamel will determine the course of treatment Dr. David Tapani recommends.

Occasionally, a small dental fracture can be fixed with a simple filling made from composite resin or amalgam.

A more substantial fracture, that doesn’t cause damage to the interior dental structures may call for a dental crown restoration. This will fully replace the entire tooth enamel layer with an alternative dental material.

If you are feeling significant discomfort in the fractured tooth the damage could have spread into the pulp or root of the tooth. To properly treat a tooth in this condition Dr. David Tapani might need to perform a root canal.

This will remove any damaged structures from the interior of the tooth. Then Dr. David Tapani will create an abutment that will be strong enough to anchor an eventual dental crown.
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