Dr. David Tapani knows how important it is to treat cavities as soon as possible, which is why they not only has high-tech X-rays at MI Beautiful Smile, but CariVu™ as well. This new, innovative device helps our dentist to detect tooth decay.

The plaque bacteria which collect on teeth processes the sugars we get from foods, creating acids. These acids attack the tooth enamel, eating away at it. Overtime, holes can develop in the enamel called cavities. Dentists detect the presence of cavities by examining your mouth and X-rays of it, but sometimes X-rays aren’t enough. This is why Dr. David Tapani has a CariVu device. Images from this tool help them to take another look at your teeth so they can detect the presence of cavities.

CariVu is provided by DEXIS™, a company which sells high-tech dental equipment. CariVu is a small, portable device that works using transillumination technology (near-infrared light). CariVu hugs a tooth with its flexible tip and takes a clear image of it. This picture looks similar to X-ray radiographs and shows the tooth beneath the enamel surface and any decay there. You can ask about CariVu™ in Davisburg, Michigan, at your next visit to our office.