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When a tooth is lost to severe trauma or a bad cavity whatever remains of the root may need to be extracted before the gums can heal. While this will certainly hamper your ability to bite and chew food, it could lead to other long-term complications.

A missing tooth in the front of the mouth can also alter your smile’s appearance and potentially change certain aspects of your speech. As time goes on the compromised structure in the area could cause nearby teeth to drift out of their correct alignment.

If you have recently lost a tooth you should consider scheduling a consultation with a dentists like Dr. David Tapani. After assessing the available oral structure and the general health of your mouth they will help you understand your dental restoration options.

In many of these cases they might recommend replacing the missing tooth with a dental crown. The treatment process involves creating a single piece of dental work that will be anchored onto the healthy cores of the two teeth closest to the void.

Once the two neighboring teeth have been prepared your dental bridge will be created from very durable dental materials. When it’s ready Dr. David Tapani will cement it in place with a strong dental adhesive.

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