A Missing Tooth Can Lead to Long-Term Complications

When a tooth is lost to severe trauma or a bad cavity whatever remains of the root may need to be extracted before the gums can heal. While this will certainly hamper your ability to bite and chew food, it could lead to other long-term complications. A missing tooth in the front of the mouth… Read more »

Underlining Causes of Bad Breath Problems

There are many reasons you could be experiencing severe bad breath problems. However, if your bad breath seems persistent and stubborn, then you could be experiencing a medical condition called halitosis. Halitosis is a condition that causes terrible breath to linger and has many causes. To help you understand why you are experiencing this condition,… Read more »

Flossing Isn’t Hard Anymore

With all the new flossing products on the market today making it easier and more time efficient, there really isn’t any excuse to neglect to floss these days and miss out on the tremendous benefits of greater oral health. Yet, less than one-third of people floss daily. Research provided by the Centers for Disease Control… Read more »

Oral Health Happiness: Interdental Cleaners

New oral health enhancements depend on making sure you always keep your smile clean. Due to the fact that eating and drinking products can wear down your teeth, make sure you brush and floss as needed. Although brushing has been proven to be extremely effective for removing plaque buildup and debris in your mouth, it… Read more »

Oral Health is Linked to Your Diet

Did you know oral health is linked to your diet? There are foods in a healthy diet that are healthy for your teeth and gums. To give you more information about a positive oral health diet, our dentist, Dr. Pittsley here with MI Beautiful Smile in Davisburg, Michigan, is happy to give you some basic… Read more »

Toothache Treatments

Have you ever suffered from a toothache before? Toothaches commonly arise as abscessed infections in a tooth and are often present due to numerous risk factors. In order to determine if a toothache is present, you should always look for the signs and symptoms that it portrays. Although not all symptoms are guaranteed to be… Read more »

Building a Better Smile for a Better Tomorrow

Enhancing your smile depends on making the right decisions to keep your smile safe. Always set up an effective oral health care checklist and make sure you’re doing everything you can to give your smile the greatest chance for success. By establishing a checklist to align your smile with your oral health care, you can… Read more »

There Are Several Factors That Contribute to Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

Preserving good oral health has a significant bearing on your basic enjoyment and quality of life. Problems with cavities, gum disease, and other oral health conditions can cause significant discomfort, lead to tooth loss, or impact medical conditions. The American Dental Association notes that a consistent and effective daily oral hygiene routine is very important…. Read more »

A Toothache in a Tooth with a Suspected Cavity Requires Timely Treatment

Sometimes you might notice a suspicious change in the surface texture of a tooth. This might also be accompanied by minor sensitivity, or discomfort when biting down on the tooth. These early signs of a cavity developing should not be put off until your next dental checkup at ’s clinic. Without timely treatment, the existing… Read more »

Installing a Dental Bridge Into the Void Can Help Prevent Latent Tooth Loss Complications

Sometimes a tooth needs to be extracted as the unfortunate consequence of untreated tooth decay, a severe dental trauma, or another form of oral issue. Even after your gums have healed, the remaining void in your mouth can contribute to a variety of potential complications. Early on, you will likely notice a decrease in your… Read more »