Don’t Lose Sleep Over Apnea, It’s Preventable!

A good night’s sleep can provide you with a focused day, helping you to work hard and smile wide. Our dentist, Dr. , wants you to have the fullest rest possible and, depending on the cause, may be able to help you with that. There is a condition called sleep apnea which happens when the… Read more »

Dental Implants 101

If you have a missing tooth, you’ve probably know through experience how that impacts the looks of your smile, how you break down food differently, and even your pronunciation of various words. Wouldn’t you like your full smile back? Well, you can have it. in , can give you a dental implant. Here are some… Read more »

Your Teeth and Your Genetics: What You Should Know

Would you be surprised to hear that genetics impact practically every part of you? Even your height, weight, and eye color can be influenced by your genetics.  However, did you know that your smile might also be impacted by your genes? Unfortunately, this could leave you more vulnerable to tooth decay than others, even if… Read more »

Bridge the Perfect Smile

Is your smile one dental bridge away from perfection once again? Dental bridges are an excellent tooth replacement service designed to improve your smile without affecting your gums. Unlike dentures, which run the risk of falling out when chewing, or dental implants, which require a sturdy jawbone to attach to, dental bridges are linked directly… Read more »

Is Your Smile Capable of Decay Simply From the Effects of Father Time?

Is your smile capable of decay simply from the effects of father time? The constant wear and tear on your mouth from chewing and eating food can wear out your teeth and the joints in your jaw. However, that doesn’t mean your teeth will fall out when you are older, as daily habits such as… Read more »

Save Your Smile with Dental Bonding Treatments

Dental bonding is a form of cosmetic dentistry that uses durable materials such as resin or porcelain to bond onto teeth with various types of tooth enamel damage. With dental bonding, you can save a damaged tooth from having to conceal it entirely with a dental crown, or even potentially one day being forced to… Read more »

There Are Several Methods That May Be Called for to Repair a Chipped Tooth

A chip can occur on one of your teeth from a myriad of sources. Nibbling on your fingernails, pens, pencils and chewing ice all pose a potential threat. You are even more likely to suffering a chipped tooth if you grind your teeth at night on a regular basis without the protection of a quality… Read more »

Oral Infections: The Facts

Dental infections were actually considered one of the most common causes of death before antibiotics were available to the public. However, there are a number of steps you can take to prevent or to deal with these different dental infections–and a few ways you can recognize these issues if they happen. Still, there are many… Read more »

The Benefits of a Professional Teeth Whitening

Have you ever considered whitening your teeth? If you have, you’re not alone. In fact, getting your teeth whitened is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the United States. Similarly, you probably also know that you have several options for brightening your smile. However, did you know that each of these different options… Read more »

How to Floss Your Teeth

You probably understand how brushing your teeth can benefit the health of your entire mouth, but do you know why flossing is important? In reality, there are a number of benefits to flossing, and a few things you may need to do to get the most benefits from your flossing. When you brush your teeth,… Read more »