What to Do About the Spots on Your Teeth

Have you ever seen white spots on anyone’s teeth? While many people hope to have a white smile, these spots can be embarrassing. These spots can be caused by several issues but there are a number of things you can consider doing to avoid and address these problems. White spots are often the result of… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Enamel Erosion

Did you know that the strongest muscle in your body is actually your tongue? Have you also heard that your mouth also contains the strongest substance in your body? As you may already know, this incredibly hard substance is your enamel–the outer, protective layer of your teeth. But even though enamel is extremely hard, it… Read more »

What are Dental Sealants?

You may have heard that dental sealants are great for the health of your teeth, and that they could even stop cavities from forming–but what else have you heard about this important treatment? For example, do you know if you’re a good candidate for sealants or why sealants benefit you? As you may know, sealants… Read more »

All You Need to Know About Dental Veneer Treatment

Dental veneers in , , are wafer-thin shells that cover your teeth and disguise their imperfections. They are great products that can give you your dream smile in just a short amount of time. If you are about to boost your smile’s appearance with dental veneers, our team wants to help you prepare for your… Read more »

Ever-Changing World

Wow! The world just keeps changing. The mere fact that I’m writing a blog for our office is an indication of a shifting world. About ten years ago someone suggested I blog about dentistry and I remember saying “There is no way that is going to happen.” Talk about having to eat your words. I… Read more »

Cavities on Multiple Teeth Can Cause Significant Tooth Sensitivity

Many people describe tooth sensitivity as a pain or a sharp stinging sensation in one or more teeth when they consume hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods and beverages. Early symptom relief can sometimes be found by avoiding these foods or by brushing your teeth with desensitizing toothpaste. Tooth sensitivity problems could be caused by… Read more »

A Cracked Tooth Often Needs to Be Extracted and Restored with a Dental Implant

A strong blow to the face, can sometimes crack a tooth so severely that it cannot be saved even by a root canal. This is even more likely to happen if you participate in contact sports without the protection of a quality mouth guard. In a case like this, Dr. often needs to extract the… Read more »

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease?

Did you know that approximately 75% of Americans over the age of 35 have some form of gum disease? Naturally, gum disease could cause minor problems—such as swollen or bleeding gums—or serious problems like tooth loss. Sadly, gum disease can be difficult to identify. In fact, many people aren’t even aware of what gum disease… Read more »

Dental Veneers Improve a Smile

From teeth whitening at the dentist’s to whitening toothpaste, there seems to be no shortage of ways to make your smile bright, white, and clear again. However, one option that’s often overlook is getting dental veneers to help restore your smile when you have deeply stained enamel. Dental veneers are essentially thin porcelain shells that… Read more »

Beautify Your Smile by Wearing a Dental Crown

Dr. Brant Pittsley and our team at MI Beautiful Smile are pleased to offer dental crowns for our patients in Davisburg, Michigan and the surrounding areas. Dental crowns are used to replace the part of the tooth which you can see. You may need a crown to improve your smile, whether to cover a damaged tooth (also… Read more »