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Wow! The world just keeps changing. The mere fact that I’m writing a blog for our office is an indication of a shifting world. About ten years ago someone suggested I blog about dentistry and I remember saying “There is no way that is going to happen.” Talk about having to eat your words. I am amazed at all the changes we have seen in dentistry, just in the past ten years alone. New stronger tooth-colored materials, minimally invasive care, the ability to get the patient a result without having to cut teeth, dentists teaming with medicine to improve the overall health of our patients, paperless records, new ways of imaging, digital x-rays and that’s just a few changes in recent dentistry.

The change in the information and science on which we base our dental care has also exploded. We now know that the health of gums and teeth profoundly affects general health. How you sleep when you’re a child affects the way your mouth and face grows, and as an adult, the way you sleep can affect the wear of your teeth, which can age a smile and the health of your jaw joint. The emphasis for care in dentistry has shifted even more so to wellness and prevention, therefore patients aren’t spending their healthcare dollars making repairs, but rather making improvements in their smile and their lives. We all know a great smile adds to overall happiness, greater self-esteem, job opportunities and improved career paths, which also helps people find the person of their dreams.

I just attended a workshop on “Change” presented by Marc Cooper Mastery. At the workshop, we learned that you can’t get to the future without change. Indeed, Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” While I’d like to think we get close too perfect, I know we are always trying to improve. Being open to change is mandatory for the mission of our office.

So, I wondered to myself, in this sea of change what stays constant? What “stars” do we use to navigate the practice? I realized it’s our Core Values that we have used to guide the practice through the many changes that have occurred in dentistry.

Our Core Values have made our interactions with patients feel timeless in a world that is so dramatically different than the world the practice functioned only 10 years ago. Our navigational stars are:

Health- We believe everyone wants to be healthy.

Exceptional Client Services- We believe our clients’ needs come first and deserve care and services that exceed their expectations.

Respect- We recognize and respect everyone as a unique individual, special for who they are and where they come from.

Opportunity- We believe in seeking opportunities to hold each other accountable to achieve results.

Empowerment- We believe in a commitment to empowering others to reach their utmost potential.

Support- We support open, honest communication to bring out the best in people.

These core values have given our practice a team of heroes whose patients truly feel like family. In our ever-changing world, these values have made everything seem wonderfully timeless.