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With all the new flossing products on the market today making it easier and more time efficient, there really isn’t any excuse to neglect to floss these days and miss out on the tremendous benefits of greater oral health. Yet, less than one-third of people floss daily.

Research provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the first national study specifically designed to determine how many people floss their teeth, found that only 30 percent of people floss daily, 32 percent never floss, and just over 37 percent report flossing only once in a while. Those are horrible numbers! Imagine how many smiles could be saved if that data was markedly improved!

Sure, it was a pain in the olden days when only the string floss was available. Flossing was difficult and time-consuming. You would wrap the green string a couple times around your fingers and work it through the tight spaces of your teeth only to start over when it broke. But those days are over! There are many better options now available:

-Floss holders: Pre-threaded, Y-shaped and disposable.
-End tufted brushes and picks: For cleaning around gums, pockets and tight spaces.
-Water flossers: For those who cannot effectively floss with string.
-Dental tape: Broad and flat.
-Super Floss: Stiff ends work well for braces and other dental work.
-Floss Threader: Works like a needle to push through dental work.

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