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Are you having issues with mouth sores that won’t go away? There is probably an underlying source to the cause of this irritating problem that can sometimes be painful, and even prevents you from eating regularly. MI Beautiful Smile here in Davisburg, Michigan, wants to help identify these infections and discover the cause of your mouth sores.

The solution may simply be changing the types of food you eat, a simple virus you can get rid of with medicating, ill-fitting dentures or braces, or another root cause relating to your health. One option could be oral cancer, but this is typically never the case. Speaking to your dentist or even your doctor about the best solution is important if the sore has lasted longer than two weeks.

There are some home remedies to help get rid of a mouth sore such as eating bland foods, rinsing with warm water, or using pain-relieving ointments to get rid of your mouth sores. However, there may be some sores and infections caused by things that you can’t pinpoint on foods or habits. This can include an infected tooth or gums. Your dentist may have to perform a procedure or will most likely prescribe an oral antibiotic to get rid of the infection depending on the area.

To help find the source, record the foods and drinks you eat and drink to determine whether it’s a certain food causing your sore. A lot of mouth sores will heal on their own, but sometimes you need to seek out other treatment or care from professionals. Quit habits such as chewing tobacco and smoking, and if needed, get your hormone and vitamin levels checked as these can be a factor as well.

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