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Is your smile capable of decay simply from the effects of father time? The constant wear and tear on your mouth from chewing and eating food can wear out your teeth and the joints in your jaw. However, that doesn’t mean your teeth will fall out when you are older, as daily habits such as brushing and flossing can keep your teeth durable enough to last a lifetime.

Don’t let your oral health care become neglected as you age. Remember the following oral health tips:

– Don’t forget to floss your teeth once daily with a shred-resistant floss. If flossing manually is difficult, try replacing your floss with an alternative interdental tool such as a water flosser.

– With either partial or complete sets of dentures, always make sure to remove and clean them daily, either with a denture solution or plain water.

– Avoid foods that are hard to bite into, as your teeth are more inclined to cracking and chipping as you age.

– Your teeth may weaken over time, making bad habits such as smoking or using drugs much more dangerous to your teeth and gums.

– Your nerve endings in your teeth get smaller over time, making it less likely to spot cavities or tooth decay. For more help, always visit your dentist for your bi-annual professional cleanings and any oral checkups you may require.

– Don’t forget to brush your teeth twice daily with a brush that has soft bristles. If brushing manually is difficult, try replacing your brush with an alternative dental tool such as an electric toothbrush.

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