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Dental emergencies, injuries and accidents can happen in your mouth just like any other part of your body. While acting fast and keeping calm is essential there are also a few common dental items to keep on hand that can help if you can’t immediately get to the dentist.

Waxed dental floss slides between teeth and gums more easily than unwaxed floss. This is especially handy if you have something stuck between your teeth.

If a tooth is knocked out you can keep it moist between your cheek and gums. However there are also tooth preservation products that are designed to help preserve the tooth until you can get to the dentist.

These are usually a small container filled with a nourishing gel that is designed to help keep the tooth alive for a short amount of time. You simply unscrew the cap, place the tooth in the gel and seal it again.

Salt packets and a small plastic cup are a convenient way to prepare a salt water rinse to help clean your mouth of blood and debris. Salt water is generally preferable to antiseptic mouth wash which is likely to irritate injured tissues.

In some cases oral trauma comes with pain and inflammation. A cold compress lightly held to your cheek can help numb the area while reducing swelling. A cold compress can quickly be made from a zip-top bag filled with a few pieces of ice. You can then wrap the bag in a wash cloth or tea towel. A dental topical anesthetic can also help numb the area if you can’t immediately make it to the dentist.

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