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Have you ever suffered from a toothache before? Toothaches commonly arise as abscessed infections in a tooth and are often present due to numerous risk factors. In order to determine if a toothache is present, you should always look for the signs and symptoms that it portrays. Although not all symptoms are guaranteed to be related to a toothache, it is important to visit your dentist if any of them are present. Here are some to look out for:

– If you notice any signs of inflammation and swelling in your face, facial rashes, high fevers or chills, or other similar ailments, it could be the result of an abscess associated with toothaches.
– If wisdom teeth are growing in erroneously, they can give rise to toothaches.
– If you have a TMJ disorder, toothaches can also be present.
– To keep your smile safe, always inspect your mouth for signs of a toothache. If you continue to feel pain after medications are used, it could be the sign of a toothache.
– Any noticeable discharge that can be seen in or around a tooth is often associated with toothaches.
– Exercise caution with oral accidents and injuries as they can cause severe dental damage and give rise to toothaches.
– Toothaches can arise if you continue to feel pain longer than 24 hours after a tooth extraction has been given.

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