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When a cavity forms on one of your teeth it can compromise the tooth enamel, while also placing the rest of the tooth at risk for severe complications. Without professional treatment, a cavity or a bad dental filling can allow tooth decay to penetrate the root of a tooth.

As this happens, you might experience increasing toothache discomfort or pressure in your gums from a dental abscess. In a situation like this, timely dental care is needed to prevent more significant complications.

Many toothaches related to untreated tooth decay call for Dr. Brant Pittsley to perform a root canal. This mode of treatment will remove all decayed material from the tooth and prepare sufficient structure to mount a crown.

If a dental abscess has formed in your gums, our dentist might recommend extracting the tooth and excising the pocket of infection. After any infection concerns have passed, he can help you decide if you would like to restore the tooth with a dental bridge or a dental implant.

If you are in the Davisburg, Michigan, area and you are experiencing toothache discomfort, you should call 248-634-7002 to have it examined and treated at MI Beautiful Smile.